Monument! Memorable?!

The project “Monument! Memorable?! Residents of Krems in search of their memorable women” ("DenkMAL! DenkWÜRDIG?! KremserInnen auf der Suche nach ihren denkwürdigen Frauen“ Thoughtworthy?! has been scientifically monitored and is an integral part of the action series “space researchers” (“RAUMFORSCHERINNEN”). Currently five streets, one square in the city of Krems are named after women and a monument and three commemorative plaques refer to female memorabilia as well. The project “Monument! Memorable?!”, a cooperation of the associations “fundküste” and “raumgreifend” (project lead: Martina Scherz)  aims to enhance women’s presence in public space.  The residents of Krems are called upon to look out for "memorable", female Kremser inhabitants and to present them for proposal. The biographies and achievements of these women, who have lived in the city of Krems or surrounding areas, are collected online and made accessible  to the public on the project’s website

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