The DVA, Banff New Media Institute and Leonardo founded and produced the First International Conference for the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology for which Grau served as conference chair. Meanwhile a conference series could be established (Berlin 2007, Melbourne 2009, Liverpool 2011, Riga 2013) The general idea was to bring Media Art research, representing many disciplines for the first time together in a conference. Held at the Banff Centre “Refresh!” (2005) represented and addressed the wide array of 19 disciplines involved in the emerging field of Media Art. The MAH conference series was not planned to create a new canon, but to create a space for a many-voiced chorus of approaches. The subtitle “HistorIES” opened up the space to include approaches from other disciplines beside Art History. The idea was to bring isolated subfields together, since it is important that we continue to bring Media Art history into the mainstream of Art History, Image Science, New Media Studies, Computer Science and our core cultural institutions.

The Media Art Histories Online Archive contains not only the papers presented at the four conferences to date but links to all the major specialist bibliographies. Meanwhile almost 1800 peer-reviewed applications have been coordinated on, representing leading scholars including ARNHEIM, DASTON, HUHTAMO, MANOVICH, NADARYAN, NAKE, PAUL, STAFFORD and ZIELINSKI. These texts provide a further set of metatags for artists and works, technologies and techniques, and vital information on the development of trends in enquiry over a period of decades.
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