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Schernhammer, E.; Weitzer, J.; Laubichler, M.D.; Birmann, B.M.; Bertau, M.; Zenk, L.; Caniglia, G.; Jäger, C.C.; Steiner, G. (2021). Correlated of COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in Austria: trust and the government. Journal of Public Health, 43:

Shang, D.; Geissler, B.; Mew, M.; Satalkina, L.; Zenk, L.; Tulsidas, H.; Barker, L.; El-Yahyaoui, A.; Hussein, A.; Taha, M.; Zheng, Y.; Wang, M.; Yao, Y.; Liu, X.; Deng, H.; Zhong, J.; Li, Z.; Steiner, G.; Bertau, M.; Haneklaus, N. (2021). Unconventional uranium in China’s phosphate rock: Review and outlook. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Volume 140: 10.1016/j.rser.2021.110740

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Windhager, F.; Amor-Amorós, A.; Smuc, M.; Federico, P.; Zenk, L.; Miksch, S. (2015). A Concept for the Exploratory Visualization of Patent Network Dynamics. Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Information Visualization Theory and Applications (IVAPP'15) Berlin: 268-274, Scitepress

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Lectures (Extract Research Database)

Innovation, Resilience, and Improvisation

Innovation Symposium, 28/11/2020

Organizational Improvisation

Lecture series. Cognitive Science, University of Vienna, 20/10/2020

HERE and NOW. The mindset for an unpredictable world of work

Alumni Club, Danube University Krems, 10/10/2020

Get together, be one: dealing with the unexpected

Institute of Science and Technology, 24/09/2020

Using the mindset of improvisers for projects and changes

Happyprojects2020, 22/09/2020

Research on Applied Improvisation

AIN-Talk, 21/09/2020

Improvising in dynamic projects

Project Management Austria, 17/09/2020

Professional improvisation in project management

Project Management Camp Kiel, Germany, 08/09/2020

Future with change: innovation or improvisation?

Kongresskulturhaus Bregenz: Re-thinking events, 19/08/2020

What to do when reality breaks our plans?

Convention4u, 07/07/2020

Roundtable on Conventions

Convention4u, 07/07/2020

Improvisation & Music

auf:takt Kultur, 06/07/2020

Prepared for the Unprepared

Alumni Club, Danube University Krems, 17/06/2020

Preparing for the unknown

Artbizz, Round Table Talk, 18/05/2020

Managing the current situation

Mastermind of Strategy Sprints, 04/05/2020

Applied Improvisation. Between order and chaos

MiceLab: Explorer, Austria, 11/11/2019

Expect the Unexpected. Designing innovations with the methods of professional improvisation

Austrian Innovation Forum, Vienna, 18/10/2019

Digital Transformation in Public Sector Organisations: The Role of Informal Knowledge Sharing Networks and Social Media

EGOV-CeDEM-ePart 2019, San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy, 03/09/2019

Lego Serious Play. Methods for collaboration

The Meeting Show. London, UK, 26/06/2019

Designing Innovative Events

The Meeting Show. London, UK, 26/06/2019

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