The project Research Literacy in Continuing Education (ReaLiCE) starts from the assumption that the imparting of literacy and information competence (use and production of texts, handling of information) is a core task of formal education. Since the education system is sequentially structured in primary, secondary and tertiary education, one can assume that literacy can be increased across all stages of the education system. Academic literacy in the context of University Continuing Education therefore can be understood as competently dealing with academic and professional texts in the subject area. The project takes the following research steps: • Literature review 1: state of the art in the research literature • Literature review 2: literacy in policy documents • Developing a holistic concept of academic literacy • Qualitative data collection at the University for Continuing Education Krems • Quantitative survey in the Continuing Education programmes of four higher education institutions in Austria, comparing the perspectives of students and lecturers



Pfeffer, T.; Keser Aschenberger, F Hynek, N.; Zenk, L. (2021). Research Literacy in Continuing Education (ReaLiCE). Edition Donau-Universität Krems, Krems

Keser-Aschenberger, F.; Pfeffer, T. (2021). CONCEPT OF RESEARCH LITERACY IN ACADEMIC CONTINUING EDUCATION: A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW. European Journal of University Lifelong Learning, 5 (1): 43 - 58, eucen


Research literacy in academic continuing education: students’ needs and perceptions

ESREA (European Society for Research in Education of Adults) 10th Triennial Conference, 01/10/2022

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