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    Master of Science (Continuing Education) - MSc (CE)

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  • Dauer

    4 Semester

  • Start

    Wintersemester 2024/25

  • Kosten

    EUR 5.000,--

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  • Verordnung (Curriculum)

    Curriculum (PDF | 136 KB)

Become part of the digital health revolution. This MSc is our newly designed pan-European program that focuses on improving and implementing digital health solutions. Combining strategic management, digital innovation and international business creation, this programme will equip you with the necessary skills to thrive in the ever-evolving digital health sector. Through hands-on learning, you’ll gain the skills to excel in this landscape. The MSc Entrepreneurship in Digital Health fosters a culture of transdisciplinary in which you’ll collaborate with individuals who share your passion for healthcare transformation. Together, you’ll bring your ideas to life and tackle the challenges of digital health head-on. Entrepreneurship in Digital Health [EDITH] is a Master's degree programme co-funded by EIThealth (EIT Label for Degree Education). EIThealth is a part of EIT, which was established in 2008 to increase the EU’s ability to innovate and contribute to sustainable economic growth and competitiveness. It is a Joint Program (multiple degrees) in cooperation with MedUni Graz, Boehringer Ingelheim, Digital Pharma Lab, Institut Mines-Télécom, Medical University of Lodz and University of Naples Federico II.

This MSc is our newly designed pan-European program that focuses on improving and implementing digital health solutions.

Viktoriya Zipper-Weber

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Benefit from our study program


Hands-on learning so you are prepared to confidently tackle real-world scenarios.


Engage with individuals from different backgrounds and disciplines to develop versatile skills.


Access professional expertise and drive your digital health journey forwards.


Connect with students, professionals, industry leaders and research centres from the healthtech sector.

  • Networking

  • international

  • interdisziplinär


Course Overview
  • Inhalte

    Course 1: Overview of the health system, current trends and challenges (2 ECTS-Points), Learning outcomes 1-2 

    Course 2: New technologies and data in the Health System (2 ECTS-Points), Learning outcomes 3-4 

    Course 3: Regulatory framework and data protection (1 ECTS-Point), Learning outcomes 5-6 

  • Inhalte

    Course 1: Business model: from theory to practice (3 ECTS), Learning outcomes: 1—3  

    Course 2: Design and appraisal of business models in digital health (2 ECTS), Learning outcomes: 4-5 

  • Inhalte

    1. Recognize the importance of data organization for enhancing health decision making and creating value from data. 

    1. Forecast the data, after the role of emergent technologies, different analytic approaches, and emerging descriptive and prescriptive modelling is understood. 

    1. Manage the lifecycle of health data, based on data creation. 

    1. Identify the main data management system and some possible HDM strategies. 

  • Inhalte

    Course 1: Diffusion and Regulation of New Technologies in Health (2,5 ECTS), Learning outcomes: 1—3 

    Course 2: Additive manufacturing, digital twin and augmented operating room (2,5 ECTS), Learning outcomes: 4-6 

  • Inhalte

    Course 1: Overview of the role of technology in healthcare innovation and its impact on the industry 

    ECTS (1), learning outcomes 1-3 

    Course 2: Digital Twins and companion app: applications and implications in healthcare 

    ECTS (1), learning outcomes 4-6 

    Course 3: Strategies for patient-centric design and development 

    ECTS (1), learning outcomes 7 

    Course 4: Application of virtual reality in healthcare: potential and limitations 

    ECTS (1), learning outcomes 8-9 

    Course 5: Growth hacking in the healthcare industry: principles and strategies 

    ECTS (1), learning outcomes 10-11 

  • Inhalte

    Course: Cross cultural competence in digital health 

    5 ECTS-Punkte), Learning outcomes: 1—3 

  • Inhalte

    Course 1: Digital transformation: the role of innovation (1 ECTS), Learning outcomes (1-2) 

    Course 2: Introduction to Digital health (1,5 ECTS), Learning outcomes (3-4) 

    Course 3:  Digital platforms for a patient centredness (1,5 ECTS), Learning outcomes (5-6) 

    Course 4: Digital technologies for healthcare resilience and sustainability (1 ECTS), Learning outcomes (7-9)

  • Inhalte

    Course 1: From the industrial company to the digital startup: the emergence of collaboration 

    ECTS (1), learning outcomes 1 

    Course 2: The Digital Transformation of traditional companies: a new form of transformation through innovative project management 

    ECTS (1), learning outcomes 2-3 

    Course 3: New forms of governance and organization in the company 

    ECTS (1), learning outcomes 4 

    Course 4: The future of innovative project management: an open, participatory, and ephemeral mode 

    ECTS (1), learning outcomes 5-6 

    Course 5: Resourcing the means necessary for successful innovation 

    ECTS (1), learning outcomes 7-8 

  • Inhalte

    Course 1: The different management styles through the major phases of management history 

    ECTS (1), learning outcomes 1-2 

    Course 2: Feedback culture in a team & behavioral profile  

    ECTS (1), learning outcomes 3-5 

    Course 3: Self-marketing as a manager 

    ECTS (1), learning outcomes 6-7 

    Course 4: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 

    ECTS (1), learning outcomes 8-9 

    Course 5: Ethics and Social Responsibility 

    ECTS (1), learning outcomes 10-11 

  • Inhalte

    International Entrepreneurship (5 ECTS), Learning outcomes: 1—4  

  • Inhalte

    Course 1: Trends, scenarios, and challenges of healthcare go-to-market 

    ECTS (1,5), learning outcomes 1 

    Course 2: How to develop and implement a healthcare Go-to-market strategy 

    ECTS (1,5), learning outcomes 2-3 

    Course 3: Analysing the pillar of Go-to-market strategy 

    ECTS (2), learning outcomes 4-7 

  • Inhalte

    Course 1: Fast prototyping and product validation 

    ECTS (1), learning outcomes 1 

    Course 2: Prototyping techniques 

    ECTS (2), learning outcomes 2-3 

    Course 3: Prototyping workshop 

    ECTS (2), learning outcomes 4-5 

  • Inhalte

    Course 1: Real-World Challenges in Health & Solutions 

    ECTS (1), learning outcomes 1-3 

    Course 2: Research & Teamwork in healthcare 

    ECTS (1), learning outcomes 4-6 

    Course 3: Pitch training and pitch presentation for healthcare 

    ECTS (1), learning outcomes 7-9 

  • Inhalte

    Course 1: Digital health - theory revision, ECTS (1), learning outcomes 1-2 

    Course 2: Practical prototyping of digital solutions, ECTS (4), learning outcomes 3-4 

  • Inhalte

    Course: Citizens & Patients Activities, ECTS-points (2), Learning outcomes: 1—3 

  • Inhalte

    Course: Project Development ECTS (20), learning outcomes 1—4  

Here you can find more information about the MSc study program.

Admission requirements

  • proof of completion of a regular Austrian or equivalent foreign degree program (at least 180 ECTS credits)
  • (2) proof of English language skills (at least B2 level)
    Excerpt from Bulletin 2023 / No. 71 of October 20, 2023 Page 3 of 5
  • (3) positive completion of the selection procedure at the University for Continuing Education Krems.

Application process

  1. Contact us to clarify your expectations of the study program and to check the admission requirements
  2. Online application (enter the study code UM 999 089 in the online tool).
  3. Carrying out the selection procedure (interview with the director of studies)
  4. Admission to the degree program

When applying online, you will be asked for the specific semester (summer semester 2024) and the Study Code. We look forward to receiving your application and to welcoming you soon at the University for Continuing Education Krems.

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