Students will be able to recognize and create new health-related business models, implement, manage, and assess (health technology assessment) new technologies, as well as the framework conditions to be considered for digital health (law, ethics, public health, management, etc.). The knowledge and skills imparted will enable the selection, development, and assessment of sustainable digital health initiatives with the active involvement of clients (especially patients/citizens). Thus, EDITH is not merely academic but very practical and hands-on with the goal to create real entrepreneurship success stories with a combination of know-how, soft skills, coaching, and networking.

Partners in the consortium come from 4 European countries and use their complementary skills to contribute to the curriculum: Institut Mines-Telecom (FR) teaches about new technologies in health. Digital Pharma Lab (FR) trains safe use of data and also market strategies. The University of Naples Federico II (IT) contributes expertise in the fields of business models, healthcare data management and healthcare sustainability. University of Lodz (PL) is responsible for the summer schools and Boehringer Ingelheim (AT) leads the business lab. The University of Continuing Education Krems (AT)  lectures on international entrepreneurship and the meaning of cross cultural communication in healthcare and the Medical University of Graz (AT) introduces students to ethical aspects and how to include patients in Digital Health projects.

“We are thrilled to be able to carry out this Master programme and get to know today’s talents who will be tomorrow’s leaders in Digital Health”, says Dr. Selma Mautner from the Medical University of Graz.

Together the consortium of academia and industry aims to enrol at least 70 students per year and to encourage some of them to create a start-up based on their ideas and training in EDITH.

Applications are now open until the 31 of December:
Write an e-mail to Viktoriya Zipper-Weber.

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