The article Diaspora organisations and technology: The role of the Afghan-Dutch diaspora in fighting COVID-19 written by Ali Ahmad Safi (Danube University Krems) which was published in Routed Magazine is one of the winners of the voting contest.

We are happy to announce that Ali is going to speak at the online event ‘Empowering Global Diasporas in the Digital Era’ in collaboration with Routed Magazine and iDiaspora. The event will be moderated by Marina Manke, head of the Labour Mobility and Human Development Division at the Department of Migration Management at IOM.

Empowering Global Diasporas in the Digital Era’: 22 September 2021 at 2pm

The event will be broadcasted across all of IOM - UN Migration pages on LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook.

You can read Ali's full article here.



Ali Ahmad Safi, MA

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