Isabella Skrivanek participated in this year's conference of ESPAnet Austria in Graz on September 27-28, 2021 and presented preliminary findings of her research on "Refugees as stimulus for integration and social policy development? Insights from Austria".

ESPAnet (The European Network for Social Policy Analysis) is an association of academics fostering multidisciplinary exchange and cooperation among social policy scholars in Europe. Several countries, including Austria, maintain national ESPAnet associations. The focus of ESPAnet Austria is on Austrian social policy, including comparative European and international perspectives as well as the implications of international and supranational social policy for Austrian social policy.

This year's conference topics centered on health and living conditions, including inequality and Covid-19 in a specific session, family policy and conditions of sustainable reproduction, social inequality and poverty, care between state, market and family, and labour market issues with regard to social security and integration, migration and social policy as well as gender and social security.


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