The Department of Migration and Globalization at Danube University Krems is inviting a highly motivated and committed short-term research fellow from 1 October 2021, or soon thereafter, until 31 January 2022 for preparing a PhD research proposal in the area of migration and integration research.
The successful candidate is supported in acquiring funding for a PhD in Migration Studies at the Danube University of Krems starting latest in autumn 2022.

The purpose and goal of this research fellowship is to prepare a sound PhD research proposal and to apply for third party funding, both prerequisites for being accepted as a PhD student at the Department of Migration and Globalization. During this four-month research fellowship, the candidate will be supported in developing a research proposal of high quality and be guided in the application process for funding. The candidate will benefit from an international research environment, a familial atmosphere, and opportunities for intellectual exchange with other researchers as well as other PhD students. The visiting fellow will have the chance to get guidance and feedback from migration scholars of different backgrounds and disciplines.

Selected research fellows will receive a lump sum of 2000 Euro for travel and/or accommodation; beyond this, fellows need to provide for themselves during the four-month stay at Danube University Krems. If the PhD funding application will have been successful, candidates are going to receive a fixed term employment contract for three years to complete a PhD in Migration Studies, enrolling into the PhD programme in Migration Studies at the Danube University Krems latest by autumn 2022.

Applicants for this fellowship are expected to have received a very good Master’s degree in a social science discipline and have a proven interest in migration-related topics. Full applications for this research fellowship include a complete CV, a motivation letter and a short exposé of about 5 pages outlining initial research ideas.

Please send your application by email to phd-migration@donau-uni.ac.at before
6 September 2021.

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed online on 17 September 2021; offers will be made in the following week.

For any further questions, please contact Ms. Tanja Schraml (tanja.schraml@donau-uni.ac.at).

We are looking forward to your application!

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