Vortrag und Diskussion


Rosamund McCabe – Leadership and Executive Coach, People and Development Manager

Adele Croucamp – Organisational Psychologist with international experience within the field of People and Culture

Eröffnung: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerald Steiner, Dekan der Fakultät für Wirtschaft und Globalisierung


More and more, unexpected intercultural, social and health challenges require leadership in companies to be rethought and reflected upon.

As the world of work is changing we are seeing more businesses leading from “the heart” (emotional processing) and the brain – modern way of growing a business and ensuring high employee engagement and retention of skills. In this context, who does not long for answers to the question: What tools are there to master the "new" leadership tasks and to support employees in their development?

Based on the growing body of knowledge about how our brains and hearts work and what this can mean for us, both as individuals and also on how we function in order to meet the new leadership tasks that are required in our workplaces, our speakers are going to explore these areas from a few different perspectives. Some examples of where this tool has been used successfully in a business environment and produced good results – health, education, finance, IT tech should encourage people to think leadership in a new way.

The speakers will on the one hand focus on why the brain plays such a pivotal role and what science teaches us about its functioning, especially as this relates to sustainable leadership and the development of employees. New perspectives will be explored.

On the other hand they will take an applied approach based on experiences of working with different organizations as a consultant and business coach. The role of self-awareness tools will be discussed along with their use in the modern world of work and how they may contribute to the development of both leaders and employees.


Podiumsdiskussion in Kooperation mit dem Universitätslehrgang Communications MBA, Vertiefung Communication and Leadership

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