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Steiner, Gerald_Vita

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Publikationen (Auszug Forschungs­datenbank)

Caniglia G.; Jaeger C.; Schernhammer E.; Steiner G.; Russo F.; Renn J.; Schlosser P.; Laubichler M.D. (2021). COVID-19 heralds a new epistemology of science for the public good. History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences volume, 43: 59

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Vorträge (Auszug Forschungs­datenbank)

NORM management at the former Prydniprovsky Chemical Plant in Ukraine

International Conference on the Management of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) in Industry, 19.10.2020

Collaboration in the era of recession, Coronavirus and instability

Growing Europe Conference, Boosting Migrant Entrepreneurship Networks, 24.09.2020

Digital entrepreneurship as an element within the complex societal transitions – impact on future sustainable development

15th IRDO International Science and Business Conference online, 04.06.2020

Competences for Dealing Innovatively with Complex Societal Challenges: Why in Future there will be an extended need for transdisciplinary Universities!

Danube Rectors’ Conference (DRC) 2019, ‘Consolidating the Role of Universities in Innovation Ecosystems: Challenges & Future Developments, 07.11.2019

Digital entrepreneurship and its impact on the innovation systems: results of a systematic literature review

G-Forum, 23rd Annual Interdisciplinary Conference on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and SMEs “Opportunities for SMEs in a globalized world”, 26.09.2019

Digital Transformation in Public Sector Organisations: The Role of Informal Knowledge Sharing Networks and Social Media

EGOV-CeDEM-ePart 2019, San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy, 03.09.2019

Fake News – a Society Greedy for Extremes: Have we Lost our Moral?

17th Annual International Conference on Communication and Mass Media, 13.05.2019

Transdiciplinarity as 21st Century Approach for Communication & Mass Media

17th Annual International Conference on Communication and Mass Media, 13.05.2019

Striving Toward a Circular Economy for Phosphorus: The Role of Phosphate Rock Mining & Supply Security for Import-dependent Countries

UNECE Resource Management Week 2019, Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland, 30.04.2019

Most recent developments in Phosphate Rock Mining: A global perspective on efficiency, circular economy, and innovation.

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Washington D.C., U.S, 07.12.2018

Does complexity require different forms of leadership? …or different approaches in …everything? Multi-level knowledge synthesis & creation and transdisciplinarity

The 8th International Conference on Sustainability & Responsibility, Cologne, Germany, 14.11.2018

Effects of divergence of explicit & implicit cognition patterns on societal resilience (Expert Insights: Philosophical Reflections on Sustainability Narratives & Models)

The 8th International Conference on Sustainability & Responsibility, Cologne, Germany, 14.11.2018

Toward a circular P economy: The role of mining & The Phosphate Rock Mining – Innovation Nexus

AIMS 2018, Aachen, Deutschland, 24.05.2018

State of the Art: Science - society collaboration- transdisciplinarity at the Danube University

4th Interdisciplinary Doctoral Kolloquium, Andrassy University Budapest, Budapest, Hungary,, 10.11.2017

Rationalität + Kreativität + Begeisterung = Innovation

tecnet | accent Innovation Award 2017, Danube University Krems, Krems a.d. Donau, Austria , 06.10.2017

Unlock Hidden Innovation Potentials: Uncertainty, Risk & Opportunity Costs

IFA Production and International Trade Conference, Paris, France, , 22.02.2017

Transdisciplinary development and management of cultural spaces and innovation systems

Transformative Research and Development in Urban and Regional Environments - The Role of Science, Methods and Transdisciplinarity, 01.09.2016

Developments and Efficiency Consideration in Phosphate Rock Mining – Past, Present & Future

5th Sustainable Phosphorus Summit, Kunming China - Keynote, 17.08.2016

The Future of Higher Education in the 21st Century: free pathways, creative-cross-disciplinary programs and online resources

Fulbright-Hall Distinguished Chair for Entrepreneurship in Central Europe at Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, 25.06.2016

Co-Creation: 1 + 1 = 3?

Wissen schafft Neues, 5. Wissensmanagement-Tage Krems, Danube University Krems, 19.04.2016

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