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Smart Migration and Asylum Governance

Projektzeitraum: 01.09.2020–31.12.2022
Projektverantwortung (Universität für Weiterbildung Krems): Mathias Czaika
Fördergeber: Bund (Ministerien)

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Publikationen (Auszug Forschungs­datenbank)

Almasri, S. (2023). Why is Syria a War but Not Afghanistan? Nationality-based aid and protection in Turkey’s Syria refugee response. Refugee Survey Quarterly 42, Special Issue 1: 29-54, Oxford Academic

Almasri, S. (2023). Crisis management: A look at differentiated refugee support in countries of first asylum. Zenodo: DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.8215120

Almasri, S. (2022). Exclusive Refuge: Origins, causes and impacts of exclusionary nationality-based targeting in refugee protection and aid.

Almasri, S. (2021). The Political Economy of Nationality-Based Labor Inclusion Strategies: A Case Study of the Jordan Compact. Middle East Critique, Volume 30, Issue 2: 185-203

Almasri, S. (2021). Power, Protection and Policy: The Condition of Domestic Workers in the Arab States during COVID-19. In: Diab, J. L.; Dharani, U. B., Female Migrant Labourers and COVID-19 in Asia: 10-12, Global Research Network, Canterbury, UK

Almasri, S. (2021). Book review: "Handbook of Translocal Development and Global Mobilities". MIgration & (Im)mobility Magazine / Routed, 18: n/a, n/a

Vorträge (Auszug Forschungs­datenbank)

Austerity in the MENA region and post-COVID social protection

MAJALAT EU Southern Neighborhood Policy Seminar: For a Shift of the Post-Covid19 Development Paradigm, 30.11.2021

Female Migrant Labourers and COVID-19 in Asia

Global Research Network War, Conflict and Global Migration Think Tank, 05.11.2021

The European Union’s response to the refugee situation in Afghanistan

What role for the EU Pact on Migration and the UN Global Compact on Refugees?; Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, 17.09.2021

Refugee Inclusion -- for whom? A Case Study of the Influence of Aid Politics on Refugee Inclusion Strategies in the Jordan Compact

IMISCOE Annual Conference on “Crossing borders, connecting cultures”, 08.07.2021

A Critique of Nationality-Based Aid [Protection?] and Inclusion Policy

EuroMedMig "Mediterranean Migration Studies: Theoretical and Empirical Research Agenda", 28.06.2021

Gender, COVID and labour: Politics and policy of domestic work during lockdowns

The COVID-19 impacts on migration and migrants from a gender perspective’ Inception Workshop, International Organization for Migration, 14.06.2021

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