Katja Haider

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Haider, K.; Humer, E.; Weber, M.; Pieh, C.; Ghorab, T.; Dale, R.; Dinhof, C.; Gächter, A.; Probst, T.; Jesser, A. (2023). An Assessment of Austrian School Students’ Mental Health and Their Wish for Support: A Mixed Methods Approach. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 20(6): 4749

Haider, K.; Kaltschik, S.; Amon, M.; Pieh, C. (2023). Why Are Child and Youth Welfare Support Services Initiated? A First-Time Analysis of Administrative Data on Child and Youth Welfare Services in Austria. Children, 10(8): 1376

Haider, K.; Humer, E.; Pieh, C.; Plener, P. L.; Jesser, A. (2022). Burdens of Apprentices Caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic and How They Deal with Them: A Qualitative Study Using Content Analysis One-Year Post-Breakout. Healthcare, 10: 2206

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Mental Health to go: Psychische Gesundheit für Jugendliche

Fit4University, 21.08.2023

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