The Center for Business Psychology, Social and Leisure Economics supplements the activities of the Department for Economy and Health with a variety of successful university courses in the three eponymous fields:

Business Psychology – Social Economics – Leisure Economics

Business and organizational psychology is the detailed study and practically relevant analysis of the psychological, economic and societal contexts in business practice, to prepare students for professional “people management.” In the course, different sub-areas in psychology such as occupational and organizational psychology or communication psychology are examined in more detail.

The social economics range of studies has focused on social work and social management for many years. On the one hand it concentrates on client-centered social work in many areas aiding families, children and young adults and on the other, on managing social services providers. In the study programs we take the dynamic changes in this sector’s processes and organizational forms into account. One example is a certified program dedicated to refugee integration.

The leisure economics MBA programs concentrate on both professional and leadership competencies in event management. The focus is on sport, business development in tourism as well as event management. The Certified Program “Crowd Safety Management” rounds off the core leisure management topics.

To ensure that theoretical and practiced know-how are taught in equal measure, the Center for Business Psychology, Social and Leisure Economics works closely together with organizations, associations and other institutions at home and abroad. Thus, the university courses combine up to date expertise with modern (management) competencies and methods. It targets people who wish to undertake tasks in a wide field of action and sectors with the right mixture of strategy and pragmatism.


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