The project "EbM Information Centre for Physicians" provides physicians working in Lower Austrian hospitals with evidence-based answers to questions they face in their daily clinical routines.

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Due to their clinical schedules, physicians often don’t have the time or capacity to keep up-to-date with recent scientific evidence and maintain a strong overview of specialist topics.
To further complicate this, new studies are constantly being published in overwhelming quantity and many of these are of poor quality. Since 2008, the “EbM Information Centre for Physicians” based at the Department of Evidence-Based Medicine and Evaluation at the University of Continuing Education Krems has provided a research service for Lower Austrian physicians, supporting them in receiving evidence-based answers to their clinical questions.

Individual inquiries on medical topics


Once a question is submitted via the online form, our scientific team performs specialized scientific searches in electronic databases (e.g., the Cochrane Library, Embase, PubMed), screens the output of these searches against pre-determined selection criteria, and assesses the relevant studies following high methodological standards to provide a comprehensive overview and summary report for the physician in question. All reports are anonymized and freely available broken down by specialty at

The research service, which is funded by the Lower Austrian Health and Social Fund (NÖGUS), is the only non-industry-sponsored, free service of its kind for caregivers in Austria. As part of the Cochrane Centre Austria, the Evidence-Based Information Centre for Nurses aims to support evidence-based practice in everyday nursing care.

Funded by the NÖ Landesgesundheitsagentur, this research service is the only free service of its kind for physicians in Austria that is not sponsored by industry. As part of the Cochrane Centre Austria, the “EbM Information Centre for Physicians” pursues the goal of supporting evidence-based action in everyday clinical practice.

This service is intended for a German-speaking audience, and detailed information is available at


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