The "Evidence-based Information Centre for Nurses" offers health care and nursing staff of Lower Austrian hospitals evidence-based answers to their practice-relevant questions.

Informationszentrum für Pflegende

Every month, more than a thousand new studies relevant to nursing are published. This amount of information of varying quality is usually impossible to process and manage. Therefore, since October 2019, the Department of Evidence-Based Medicine and Evaluation has a contact point for health care professionals and nurses. This answers questions from clinically active nurses based on scientific studies on specific topics in the form of understandable and concrete short summaries (rapid reviews). In this way, decisions with and for patients can be supported in a study-based manner, considering the best research results.

Individual inquiries on nursing-related topics


When a question is entered via the website, a team of scientific staff then searches international databases for published scientific studies on this topic. The identified studies are then evaluated according to defined criteria and, finally, the best available evidence is presented in summarized form. To enable all interested parties to use this evidence-based information, the response documents (rapid review) are available anonymously and free of charge at

The research service, which is funded by the Lower Austrian Health and Social Fund (NÖGUS), is the only non-industry-sponsored, free service of its kind for caregivers in Austria. As part of the Cochrane Centre Austria, the Evidence-Based Information Center for Nurses aims to support evidence-based practice in everyday nursing care.

This service is intended for a German-speaking audience, and detailed information is available at


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