In an era of limited resources, the importance of evaluating the effectiveness of interventions has never been more critical.

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The Centre for Evaluation plays a central role in this landscape, leading scientific evaluation projects designed to offer evidence-based insights for the development and conclusive assessment of health-promoting or preventive interventions.


Our Mission:

Foundational Insights

We conduct needs assessments, develop clear and measurable goals through participatory methods, and identify evidence-based interventions tailored to real-world practices. Our focus is on implementing impactful measures with a high likelihood of success.


  • Needs assessments
  • Program theories
  • Evidence research
  • Impact models

Development Support

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While interventions are in progress, we offer data-driven, systematic, and timely feedback to enhance their effectiveness. Our services include development-oriented and formative evaluation, process evaluation, and accompanying research.


  • Development oriented and formative evaluation
  • Process evaluation
  • Accompanying research

Enabling Accountability

In preparation for the final assessment, we evaluate measures comprehensibly and data-supported, enabling informed decisions for their future design.


  • Summative evaluation
  • Impact evaluation
  • Outcome evaluation


At the Centre for Evaluation, our work is guided by the best available scientific knowledge and methods. We systematically collect and present data, considering the needs of relevant stakeholders.

Our evaluation projects adhere to evaluation standards and align with the principles and quality criteria of health promotion. We follow established frameworks such as Utilization-Focused Evaluation, the UK Medical Research Council's guidelines for complex interventions, and evidence standards for effectiveness research in prevention science. Our approach integrates practical experience (internal evidence) with the best available scientific evidence (external evidence) and the preferences and values of target groups. This synthesis ensures that our results are reliable, robust, and relevant for planning, development, and impact review.

Learn more about our commitment to excellence by exploring the standards we adhere to

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