Digital technologies are transforming all domains of economic, sociopolitical, (bio-) technological, environmental, and other systems and have provided groundbreaking beneficial innovations. Until now, much research has focused on the development and implementation of digital technologies, yet little attention has been given to reflecting on and anticipating the unintended side effects (unsee(ns)) of such technologies, although they have the potential to endanger systems and structures that are considered valuable and contribute to the resilience of socio-technological systems. Thus, the South American Expert Roundtable takes aim at: (i) Identifying positive or negative unsee(ns) that are linked to digital transitioning; (ii) Reflecting in what way(s) the unsee(ns) can become best subjects of science in an overarching way; and (iii) Projecting (from the science perspective) what unsee(ns) might become subjects of transdisciplinary processes (i.e., science–practice discourses that relate different types of knowledge in order to efficaciously master complex relevant societal challenges).


Projektzeitraum 01.06.2018 - 31.08.2019
Fördergeber Sonstige
Förderprogramm ---

Department für E-Governance in Wirtschaft und Verwaltung

Zentrum für E-Governance

Projekt­verantwortung (Universität für Weiterbildung Krems) Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Peter Parycek, MAS MSc


Viale Pereira, G., Estevez, E.,Cardona, D., Chesñevar, C., Collazzo-Yelpo, P., Cunha, M. A., . . . Scholz,R. W. (2020). South American expert roundtable: Increasing adaptivegovernance capacity for coping with unintended side effects of digitaltransformation. Sustainability, 12: 718

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