28.10.2021 - 30.10.2021

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

 a warm welcome from the magical region of “Wachau”- one of the oldest wine cultivating regions of Europe!

We are happy to invite you to our 3rd Krems Dementia conference 2021 virtual.

COVID 19 has high lightened that simply reacting to Dementia if the symptoms of the disease are causing a crisis for Persons living with Dementia and their support providers is not enough. Simply reacting to Dementia is causing pain and isolation to families, loss of quality lifetime – and additional societal cost.  Society in its entirety need to act competently and informed- and first of all we need to start listening to persons with dementia and their support providers!

We as an international community need to stand together and find creative solutions. One of the central tasks of the Krems Dementia conference is to intensify collaboration and exchange of ideas between Central- and Eastern European Countries.

Developing services for a timely diagnosis and early treatment, which encourage Persons with memory concerns and dementia to come forward needs to be in the center of our activities. Just what are the right steps to take? Answers can only be found in the dialogue between Persons living with Dementia and Experts as well as Support Providers such as professional – and family carers. 

What is the basis for social health in the context of Aging and Dementia? How can society be made ready and competent? How can awareness building progress and how do we know they work? What are new approaches to solve some of the treatment challenges? How can international cooperation lead to success and a better world for Persons with Dementia and their Support Providers? 

The Third Dementia conference will provide a forum for International Experts and Persons living with Dementia, Caregivers, Representatives of Alzheimer Associations, great researchers and policy makers to find a form for a dialogue and setting the steps for future developments.   


Stefanie Auer and Marc Wortman

Organizers / Scientific Committee


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