Dr. Federica Zardo's new article "Decentering the Study of Migration Governance in the Mediterranean" was published in the Journal Geopolitics on October 5, 2021.

To what extent can a decentred approach improve our understanding of migration governance? In the field of public policy, it ‘highlights the diverse and contingent meanings that inform the actions of the individuals involved in all kinds of practices of rule’ (Bevir 2016, 232). Applied to the context of international relations and political geography, decentring pays attention to actors´ perceptions and practices that shape the negotiation process (El Qadim 2018; İşleyen 2018b).

This article builds on the rich debate on decentering the study of world and EU politics and shows how decentered research on migration governance is crucial to this academic endeavor.

Read the full article here.

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