Shaddin Almasri and Zina Weisner, two PhD Researchers in the Smart Asylum and Migration Governance Project from the Department of Migration and Globalisation, participated in the EuroMedMig Summer Course on Mediterranean Migration. The IMISCOE and Jean Monnet Network Program EuroMedMig: "Mapping European Mediterranean Migration Studies" brought together 22 students from more than 13 countries at the Universitat Pompeo Fabra in Barcelona from 28.06.-04.07.2021.

For a week they had the opportunity to discuss several topics and issues related to the Mediterranean Migration research agenda with other scholars and PhD researchers.

Lectures included topics surrounding the social and political dimensions of multi-level migration governance in the Mediterranean region, the role of postcolonial relations and the impact of climate change on population movements, in order to enhance holistic Mediterranean thinking as a category of analysis, avoiding Eurocentrism and generalized arguments, and focusing on positive views of migration.

In active workshops sessions they shared their research and were able to gain feedback on conceptual and methodological questions, while also discussing the praxis and ethics of formulating migration narratives with members of civil society organizations and city representatives during round-table discussions.

PhD Summer School 2021
Luisa Faustini


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