We would like to cordially invite you to the upcoming Stakeholder Forum co-organized with the Austrian Institute for International Affairs (oiip).


Securitizing migration: The new norm? Misconceptions and the allure of simple explanations


24.11.2023, 10:00 - 13:00



Haus der Europäischen Union, Wipplingerstraße 35, 1010 Wien

As we are moving into a new phase of global insecurity, the debates on migration become increasingly securitized. The waves of internal and external conflicts in the last years have undoubtedly affected the security constellation of the continent, while internal political dynamics have opened the door to ideas focused on the externalization of borders, forceful return and xenophobia of a feared (cultural) other. At the same time, multiple forms of security threats, not least through domestic and international terrorism and the Russian war on aggression, require realistic and evidence-based analyses and responses. This event aims to disentangle simplistic discourses on security and migration by discussing with various stakeholders fundamental approaches to migration and security in order to unravel misconceptions, animate new thinking and foster exchange on solution-based approaches that go beyond reactive responses and short-sightedness.

The event is conceptualised as a stakeholder forum, whereby members of the public are invited to participate in the discussion.




Opening remarks:
Dr. Wolfgang Petritsch
President of the oiip


Dr. Othmar Karas
Member of the European Parliament


Panel discussion 1:
Challenges in European Migration Politics

Dr. Othmar Karas
Member of the European Parliament

Dr. Judith Kohlenberger
Vienna University for Economics and Business (WU), Institute for Social Policy; oiip

Dr. Federica Zardo
University for Continuing Education Krems, Department for Migration and Globalisation

Dr. Vedran Dzihic


Panel discussion 2:
Challenges in European Security Politics

Prof. Iulian Chifu
President of the Center for Conflict Prevention & Early Warning, Romania, Associate Professor, National Defense College, Bucharest

Erik Hacker, LL.M.

Dr. Daniela Pisoiu

Dr. Heidrun Bohnet
University for Continuing Education Krems, Department for Migration and Globalisation



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