20.09.2023, 14:30 - 21.09.2023, 17:30

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_to gather a network of hackers that open access sustainability. That facilitates disruptive mindsets. We want creative [de]construction. We aim to [re]construct tangible, resilient and innovative outcomes/In the urgent need of a proactive sustainability that detaches itself from mainstream ideas, we call for people to take action. We are bringing together stakeholders from public, research, enterprises and organizations to come to a critical approach, concerning global issues, and inter-challenging ideas on technologies, ecosystems and societies.

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Sep 20_Day One

14:40 hrs Dialogue Table I: "_The challenges of sustainable ecosystems: How sustainability needs to be?"
15:40 hrs Coffee break
16:00 hrs Dialogue Table II: "_The Global Energy Transition: For Who?"
17:30 hrs Closing Remarks


Sep 21_Day Two

14:40 hrs Dialogue Table III: "_Innovation for Social Impact: Thriving for Smart Cities?"
15:40 hrs Coffee break
16:00 hrs Dialogue Table IV: "_Inclusive Governance: Citizen-oriented Digitalization"
17:30 hrs Closing Remarks


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