Raimund Kovacevic

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Gutjahr, W.; Kovacevic, R., Wozabal, D. (2022). Risk averse bargaining in a stochastic optimization context. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Articles in Advance: https://doi.org/10.1287/msom.2021.1076

Kovacevic, R. M.; Stilianakis, N. I.; Veliov, V. M. (2022). A Distributed Optimal Control Model Applied to COVID-19 Pandemic. SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization, Vol. 60, Iss. 2: 221-245

Haunschmied, J. L.; Kovacevic, R. M.; Semmler, W.; Veliov, V. M.; Herausgeber (2021). Dynamic Economic Problems with Regime Switches. Springer, Berlin/Heidelberg/New York

Kovacevic, R. M.; Semmler, W. (2021). Poverty Traps and Disaster Insurance in a Bi-level Decision Framework. In: Haunschmied, J. M.; Kovacevic, R. M.; Semmler,W.; Veliov, V. M., Dynamic Economic Problems with Regime Switches: 57-83, Springer, Berlin/Heidelberg/New York

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A distributed optimal control epidemiological model: parameter identification and optimization

Vienna Workshop on Stochastic Optimization, 01.10.2020

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