University History

Milestones in the history of Danube University Krems

08.04.1994 Danube University Krems is founded by passing a federal law (Federal Law Gazette no. 269/1994). 
06.07.1994 The Province of Lower Austria and the Federal Government commit themselves to jointly maintain the University for advanced education.
26.09.1994 The Minister of Science Erhard Busek nominates the members of the Executive Board for their first period of service. The first President of Danube University Krems is Franz Lehner. 
13.09.1995 Danube University Krems is officially inaugurated in the historical building of the erstwhile tobacco factory in Krems-Stein.
01.10.1995 The University courses EURAS (European Advanced Studies), EURO-JUS and EJA (European Journalism Academy) are started.
01.10.1996 Ingela Bruner becomes the President of Danube University Krems.
12.12.1996 The first visiting professors are nominated. 
1996-1997 The five departments of the University are established. 
01.08.1997 The University Studies Law (UniStG) becomes effective. Danube University Krems is authorized to issue the academic degrees of "Master of Advanced Studies" (MAS) und "Master of Business Administration" (MBA). 

Austria’s first masters: graduates of the EURAS European study program are awarded the academic degree "Master of Advanced Studies" (MAS).

01.01.1999 Werner Fröhlich becomes the President. 
29.06.1999 The parliament of the Province of Lower Austria unanimously decides to provide 495 million Austrian Shillings to extend the University building complex. 
09.09.2000 At the five-year commemoration, the Residents’ Holding Organization (Alumni-Dachverband) of Danube University Krems is founded. 
April 2002 The renovation and extension of the middle tract of the erstwhile tobacco factory, and the construction of a car park for staff members are started. 
01.04.2002 Danube University Krems is the first governmental University in Austria to be authorized to award the academic degrees of "Master of Laws" (LL.M.) und "Master in European Studies" (M.E.S.). 
20.06.2002 The University welcomes its 2000th student.

The Center for Image Science establishes a branch in Göttweig Abbey.

16.12.2002 Danube University Krems receives its own railway station. 
Winter semester 2003/04  Danube University Krems converts its courses which were being concluded until this time by conferment of the degree of "Master of Advanced Studies (MAS)" into courses terminating with the international academic degrees of "Master of Science" (M.Sc.) und "Master of Arts" (M.A.). 
29.09.2003 The Governor of the Province Erwin Pröll inaugurates the renovated middle tract of the historical building and lays the foundation stone for the new campus. 
01.04.2004 Commencement of new law: "Bundesgesetz über die Universität für Weiterbildung Krems" 
17.06.2004 Danube University Krems celebrates its official inauguration as University for Continuing Education Krems in a festive ceremony attended by Elisabeth Gehrer, Federal Minister of Education. At this ceremony the university welcomed its 3000th student.  
September 2004

Danube University Krems appoints 15 professors.

01.02.2005  Helmut Kramer becomes the first rector of Danube University Krems. 

The council, headed by Dieter Falkenhagen, is replaced by the Senate (Chair: Manfred Straube).

07.10.2005  Opening of the new Campus Krems.
January 2006 Danube University Krems' Alumni Club is founded.
Spring 2006 Appointment of the first 12 university professors.
02.02.2007 Helmut Kramer resigns. The responsibilities and duties are conducted by the vice rectors Ada Pellert and Peter Strizik. 
09.05.2007  Heinrich Kern is elected new rector of Danube University Krems. He takes office in September 2007. 
01.01.2008 The Department for Evidence-based Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology is founded. The university now consists of 16 departments. 
Spring 2008  Danube University Krems welcomes its 4000th student. 
30.06.2008 Michael Wagner replaces Manfred Straube as Chairman of the Senate.
01.09.2008  Rector Heinrich Kern resigns. The responsibilities and duties are conducted by vice rector Jürgen Willer and Josef Kolarz-Lakenbacher. 
August 2008 Opening of the new campus west.
17.12.2008 Jürgen Willer is elected rector of Danube University Krems. He takes office in January 2009. 
August 2009 The 17th department, the Department for Migration and Globalization, is founded.  
Winter semester 2009 For the first time, more than 5,000 students are enrolled in Danube University Krems.  
21.06.2010  The University welcomes its 10,000th alumnus, Katja Klasinc.
06.09.2010 The University Council approves the new organization plan which includes the foundation of five faculties: Health and Medicine, Communication and Globalization, Business and Law, Education and Media, as well as Arts, Culture and Building.  
07.10.2010 Anton Leitner is appointed as Chairman of the Senate. 
21.10.2010 The University celebrates its 15th anniversary in the presence of the Federal Minister Beatrix Karl, Governor Erwin Pröll, and the Mayor of the City of Krems, Inge Rinke. 
14.12.2010 The Cochrane Collaboration, the international “flagship” of evidence-based medicine, sets up its Austrian branch office at Danube University Krems.
01.01.2011 Five deans assume their posts at the newly founded faculties at Danube University Krems: Stefan Nehrer (Health and Medicine), Gudrun Biffl (Communication and Globalization), Walter Seböck (Business and Law), Peter Baumgartner (Education and Media), and Renate Hammer (Arts, Culture and Building).  
19.12.2011 The University Council has unanimously elected the current Rector Jürgen Willer for a second period of office, which commences on 1 January 2013. 
05.09.2012 Opening of the teaching location Memmingen.
20.09.2012 On the suggestion of the Senate, the Ethics Committee of the Danube University Krems is established.
25.09.2012 Jürgen Willer resigns due to controversies between the Rector and the University Council.
25.01.2013 A Christian Doppler laboratory is opened. It focuses on innovative therapies in sepsis.
20.02.2013 Secretary-General. Friedrich Faulhammer is elected as the new rector by the University Council.
01.08.2013 The new Rectorate takes office. Its members are Rector, Friedrich Faulhammer, Vice-Rector for research, Viktoria Weber, and Vice-Rector for Academic Teaching/Scientific Continuing Education, Monika Kil. 
15.10.2013 Christoph Gisinger is elected as Chairman of the Senate. 
31.10.2013 Solemn inauguration of the new Rectorate in the auditorium of the University. 
29.01.2014 In the council of ministers the government decides to submit the bill of a law to award doctorates at Danube University Krems to the National Council for decree. 
12.03.2014  With the publication in the Federal Law Gazette, the Federal Law to award doctorates at Danube University Krems became effective.  
07.11.2014  Rector Friedrich Faulhammer is elected as vice-president of the Danube Rectors´ Conference.

The Rectorate’s new, four-year period of office begins. Thomas Ratka unanimously voted new Vice Rector of Academic Teaching / Scientific Continuing Education by the University Council.


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