The Danube Business School Method

Managers will have to be able to deal with problems that are becoming increasingly complex. This calls for well-developed skills in dealing with uncertainty and conflicts.
In addition social skills and skills in group dynamics are becoming more important.
In order to develop leadership ability in a constantly changing environment, one must be able to successfully handle problems on an individual, group and organizational level.


The basic elements of the DBS Method

  • Learning by experience links the work- and problem solving processes to the learning process.
  • The courses are action oriented; the focus will be on problem solving related to the participants experience.
  • Working on direct solutions will bring the participant into an active and creative role.
  • The skill of “understanding and communication” is becoming a basic qualification for managers. Case studies, role games and group interactions enhance this capability.
  • Learning in groups creates fertile ground for further development of personal potential. For this reason, the participants in the MBA program attain more specialized management goals. Dealing with various points of view and receiving feedback help participants to enhance their personal management potential.


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