Education and training on music economy, music life, and Media Music

The Center for Applied Music Research focuses on academic research and teaching cultural heritage topics within the music field including challenges and opportunities emerging through technological innovations and societal behaviors. Emphasis is given on relationships between aesthetics, economic conditions and societal expectations; in addition to diverse music network scenarios, music creation, production, distribution, and consumption.


Research-based teaching focuses on professional fields in the field of music and music life considering market structure and music consumption changes demanding new and evolving professional profiles and skill sets. Those apply to: music management, music economy, Media Music and music distribution. The Center for Applied Music Research already collaborates with national partners such as the Musikfabrik Niederösterreich, the Musikschulmanagement Niederösterreich, the Pedagogical College of Lower Austria, the Ars Electronica Festival Linz and international partners including the Frost School of Music at University of Miami, the Janacek Music Academy in Brno, and the French-Czech Music Academy in Telč.

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