Goal of this study is to understand the learning biographies of Turkish migrant women in Austria and Germany with different education and migration histories in order to delineate a pattern of participation to adult learning activities and investigate the role of these learning activities on their personal lives for different groups of women (intergenerational and educational differences). I aim for creating a framework for depicting the transformative role of learning for Turkish migrant women in Austrian and German society as well understanding their learning in a biographical perspective.

„A close look at the research reveals that there is a lack of representation of migrant women, even though there were recent critical and feminist studies emerged focusing on migrant women, especially in Europe (Erel, 2007). On the other hand, existing representation reflects orientalization of migrant women, as well as stereotypical representation as passive and obstacle for modernization (Erel, 2007). Hence, it is important to provide a space for the representation of migrant women and their transformation.“

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