The Center for Image Science (Department for Arts and Cultural Studies), will present results of the two research projects: Infrastructures for Digital Arts Teaching and Research in Higher Education (LeFo) and Tool Development for Image Data Literacy: Understanding Digital Art with complex data analysis (ImDaLi), on the afternoon of 11th of October, 2023 in the Audimax on Campus Krems from 2:30pm onwards.

Within the projects, the research teams at the University for Continuing Education Krems, University of Arts Linz and University of Applied Arts Vienna, have investigated the field of archiving media art from various perspectives, with the aim to enable wider and multimodal access to the documented and archived material on the Archive of Digital Art (ADA) founded by Prof. Dr. habil. Dr. hc Oliver Grau, MAE in 1999.

By means of new interactive and immersive spaces of experience or interfaces, the LeFo and ImDaLi projects open up prospects for expanded possibilities of perception and use of the archive, featuring data vizualisations, explorative tools and augmented reality interfaces as developed by our keynote presenter, Dr. Tiago Martins of the University of Arts Linz.

After the presentations the Center for Image Science invites you for refreshments & snacks and to explore the visualizations and prototypes. We are looking forward to an exciting afternoon and inspiring discussions!


Please register for this event by Monday, 9th of October, 2023 by emailing zbw@donau-uni.ac.at.

Picture and sound recordings on the part of the participants are not permitted. Photographs will be taken by the organizer.






Mag. Dr. Eva Maria Stöckler, MA-ME., Head of Department for Arts and Cultural Studies


Expanded archiving in the Archive of Digital Art
Dr. phil. Viola Rühse, M.A., Head of Center for Image Science


Content & Communication Strategies on the Archive of Digital Art 
Alejandro Quinones, BA, Carla Zamora, MA


Towards Playfulness - Tools for Digital Archives
Mag. Laura Ettel, Isabella Iskra, Alexander Wöran, MA Bsc BA


Connecting Archives
Carl Philipp Hoffmann


Becoming Immersed in a Digital Art Archive
Dr. phil. Tiago Martins


Explore the prototypes in the Audimax and the Audimax Foyer / Refreshments & Snacks

HoloLens            Dr. Tiago Martins

Serendipity        Fabian Schober, MA

ADA Visualizations   Michael Perl, MA

Archive of Digital Art    Max Resch, Bsc

VR & AR Prototypes - Videos   Prof. Ruth Schnell, Prof. Martin Kusch




Expanding Archiving & Explorative Research of Media Art