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  • ECTS-Punkte


  • Dauer

    2 Semester

  • Start

    Wintersemester 2024/25, 16. November 2024

  • Kosten

    EUR 4.000,--

  • Zulassungsvoraussetzungen

    Gemäß Curriculum

  • Sprache


  • Studienort

    Krems (AT)

  • Verordnung (Curriculum)

    Curriculum (PDF | 137 KB)

The "Bilingual Teaching and Learning" certificate program at the University for Continuing Education Krems equips graduates with foundational knowledge in bilingual education and the use of a foreign language as a medium of instruction in schools. Participants gain a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical framework for Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) and are trained to implement bilingual curricula within their respective educational systems, catering to age groups from 6 to 18 years. Graduates are proficient in integrating bilingual approaches across various subjects, enhancing the educational experience and linguistic proficiency of their students.
Filiz Keser Aschenberger

Bilingual Teaching and Learning certificate program is crucial for equipping educators with the skills to enhance teaching quality in today's globalized, multicultural classrooms through effective bilingual education and CLIL methodologies."

Ass.-Prof. Dr.
Filiz Keser Aschenberger, MA

Study Program Director


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You benefit from our program by

  • gaining expertise in bilingual education and Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), which improves your ability to teach diverse subjects using a foreign language.
  • developing a deeper cultural understanding of the target language, enriching your teaching methods and student engagement.
  • learning to create customized teaching materials that align with Austrian educational standards, ensuring they are ready for immediate use in your classroom.
  • in practical projects that empower you to design, develop, and evaluate tailored instructional materials, enhancing your hands-on experience and effectiveness.
  • obtaining an additional qualification in bilingual education, which can open up new career opportunities and advancements in both primary and secondary education sectors.
  • innovative Lehrmethoden

  • globale/internationale Perspektive

  • Leadership Skills

In combination with other continuing education programs, Stackable Programs can be combined to achieve an academic degree.

After the Academic Expert Program (AEP), many other options are open, such as an academic degree (Master).
Tatjana Kohl

The Stackable Program offers me complete flexibility in the design of my studies.

Tatjana Kohl


Which follow-up studies and programs are available?


  • Inhalte

    In the first module, learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of bilingualism and bilingual education by comparing definitions, explaining principles and theories, and analyzing social and cultural factors. They will also assess different bilingual education models and develop effective K-12 curricula while identifying key teaching standards and competencies.

  • Inhalte

    In the second module, learners will master the fundamentals of CLIL methodology, develop innovative classroom materials, and design comprehensive CLIL-based lessons. They will also create and assess learning outcomes, differentiate assessment processes, and continuously evaluate and refine their bilingual teaching strategies.

  • Inhalte

    In the third module, learners will master the management of bilingual education programs by understanding key principles, theories, and models. They will develop effective implementation strategies, prioritize resources, analyze international language policies, and evaluate their impact, with a special focus on Europe and Austria

  • Inhalte

    In the final module, learners will deepen their understanding of the language of instruction and teaching methodologies in bilingual settings. They will differentiate key aspects of language use in education, plan and assess bilingual lessons, and reflect on their practical teaching experiences through evaluation and reflection papers.

Here you can find more information about the Academic Expert Program.

Admission requirements

  • General university entrance qualification, or
  • Completed education at least at NQF level IV, or
  • Several years of relevant professional experience, and
  • English proficiency at level B2, and
  • Successful completion of a selection process, which includes proof of English proficiency at level B2.

Application process

  1. Contact us to clarify your expectations of the study program and to check the admission requirements
  2. Online application (Prepare the required documents for uploading in the online tool. The documents "Learning agreement" and "Appendix Continuing Education Tuition Fee" can be found in the downloads section of this page. You can download further templates on the "Application" info page. Please also note the study code UM 992 496 for selection in the online tool.)
  3. Carrying out the selection procedure (e. g. interview with the director of studies)
  4. Admission to the degree program

We look forward to receiving your application and to welcoming you soon at the University for Continuing Education Krems.

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