Open Source Sensor Hardware

Open Hardware Architecture

  • Designed and developed within scientific projects
  • Focus on reliable hardware components as well as accurate sensors
  • Schematics, layout and production data created in Open Source EDA tool
  • Sample code for bring-up and demo applications
  • Supported by comprehensive documentation

Technology / Sensors / Network

  • Low-power but nevertheless performant microcontroller platform
  • Wide range of supported sensor interfaces (e.g. I2C, SPI, RS485, analog)
  • Set of supported sensors easily extendable
  • Multiple supported communication technologies including LPWAN (LoRaWAN)
  • Suitable for isolated sensors as well as meshed and cloud solutions
  • Support for battery operation including charging and energy harvesting electronics

Applications Examples

Smart Communities

  • Soil moisture monitoring
  • Irrigation optimization
  • Water level monitoring

Smart Home

  • Leakage detection
  • Indoor air quality
  • Plant watering

Cultural Heritage

  • Crack monitoring
  • Moisture monitoring
  • Mould prediction


  • Long-term monitoring
  • Machine Learning
  • Sensor networks

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Automatisch generierte Beschreibung

Environmental Monitoring

  • Weather monitoring
  • Water analysis
  • Air quality


The repository will be available Q4/2023. For possible earlier access contact us.


Open science content was created within the following projects and activities:

  • Dataskop co-funded by the country of Lower Austria
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