The Department of Migration and Globalisation at the University for Continuing Education in Krems, Austria, is excited to announce an opportunity for three highly motivated students to join our research fellowship program. We invite applicants who are eager to spend 4 to 6 weeks at our Department between May and September 2024, engaging in the development of a PhD research proposal with a thematic focus on Migration Policy and Governance. 

The primary aim of this research fellowship is to prepare a sound PhD research proposal and apply for third-party funding through the Doc-team funding scheme in October 2024, both prerequisites for being accepted as a PhD student in our PhD program in Migration Studies. If selected for funding through the Doc-team scheme, the PhD program will start in October 2025. 

The DOC-team program, funded by the Austrian Academy of Sciences, supports teams of 3 to 4 doctoral candidates from various disciplines in the humanities, the social sciences, and cultural studies, encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration to address complex societal challenges. In line with this program, visiting fellows will collaborate closely with our research team and fellow candidates to draft a PhD proposal focusing on aspects in the thematic area of Migration Policy and Governance. Proposed research topics may explore issues such as migration policy formation processes, migration policy implementation and policy impact, or related aspects.

During their stay in Krems, visiting fellows will actively contribute to drafting their proposals, participate in seminars to discuss progress, and receive guidance and feedback from our diverse team of migration scholars. They will benefit from an international research environment characterized by a supportive atmosphere, and opportunities for intellectual exchange with both researchers and fellow PhD students. The quality of their PhD proposals will be continuously assessed throughout the fellowship period.

The application process for the visiting fellowship consists of two steps. Initially, applicants will be pre-selected based on their CV, motivation letter and a concise 1-page outline of a research idea. Pre-selected candidates will then be invited to participate in a 3-hour online workshop in the last week of April, where they will exchange and refine research ideas on a PhD proposal and link them to those of the other pre-selected candidates in alignment with the requirements of the Doc-team program. Following this workshop, the department will select three visiting fellows.

Selected visiting research fellows will receive reimbursement for travel and accommodation expenses up to maximum 2000 EUR. Any additional expenses will be the responsibility of the fellows during their stay in Krems. Upon successful receipt of Doc-team funding, candidates will be offered a fixed-term employment contract for three years to pursue their PhD in Migration Studies, with enrollment in the PhD program in Migration Studies at the University for Continuing Education Krems no later than October 2025.

Applicants for this visiting fellowship should hold a master’s degree in a social science discipline or another discipline that is relevant for research on migration policy governance (such as technology or environmental studies, or law). The degree must not have been acquired prior to 1st of November 2020 OR the candidate must not be older than 30 years at 31st of October 2024. A strong interest in migration policy and politics, along with familiarity with qualitative and/or quantitative methods, is expected. Proficiency in English, both written and oral, is essential, and additional language skills are advantageous. We seek candidates who can work independently while also thriving in interdisciplinary and diverse team environments. 

We are committed to diversity and inclusivity, and welcome applications regardless of gender, nationality, ethnicity, social origin, religion/belief, disability, age and sexual orientation and identity of the applicant.

To apply for this research fellowship, candidates are required to submit a complete CV, a motivation letter and a succinct 1-page exposé outlining an initial research idea. 

Please send your application by email to phd-migration@donau-uni.ac.at until 15 April 2024.

For further questions, please contact Ms. Tanja Schraml (tanja.schraml@donau-uni.ac.at).

We are looking forward to your application!


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