The Need for a Complex Mixed Methods Approach and the Associated Pitfalls. A discussion based on a project on the implementation of the structured doctorate in Austria

International Conference Mixed Methods Research in Education, 16.11.2023

Third Mission Activities and Interdisciplinary Research at Universities in Austria: Comparison of the CAP (2010) and APIKS (2021) Surveys.

EAIR Forum Linz 2023, 05.09.2023

How should Teaching in a Post-Pandemic University look like? Students' perceptions on online-teaching in ACE

EAIR Conference 2023, 05.09.2023

The desirability of an academic career – a cross-country comparison

APIKS Conference 2023 Krems, 02.09.2023

Academics’ Societal Engagement in Switzerland and Austria: A replication study attempt

APIKS Conference 2023 Krems, 02.09.2023

Campus-Community-Partnerships: Level of institutionalisation in Austrian higher education

CHER 35th Annual Conference: Higher Education Institutions as Change Agents in Society, 31.08.2023

To leave or not to leave? Expectations, factors, and trajectories of academic careers in the light of doctoral programme reforms

CHER Conference 2023, 30.08.2023

„The School, Where You Learn How to Dance Your Name”. An analysis of the public debate about Waldorf schools in Austria

European Conference of Education Research 2023, 24.08.2023

Student Engagement Practices from a Student Equity Perspective – Case Studies from Austria

ECER 2023. The Value of Diversity in Education and Educational Research, 24.08.2023

Early Career Researchers and their Career Prospects

European Conference of Education Research 2023, 22.08.2023

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