During the first week of September the inGOV project was active in the EGOV-CeDEM-ePART conference that took place in Linköping University, Sweden. The conference, organized by the Digital Government Society, focuses yearly on a variety of topics surrounding e-Government, digital transformation and society, and is one of the most important conferences in the field.

Workshop Setting

During the event, the inGOV team conducted a workshop organized by consortium partners, Lucy Temple (UWK), Efthimios Tambouris (UoM), Evangelos Kalampokis (CERTH), and Noella Edelmann (UWK). A very interesting discussion took place amongst the 20 participant that joined the discussion on “The Implementation of Co-creation Principles and Sustainable Outcomes”.   

Throughout the workshop the H2020 inGOV project was presented, and a detailed description of the goals and methodology used to achieve them was described, alongside the work the pilots had achieved during the last months. The activity was not only a great opportunity to share information about the project and the ongoing results, but a space to collect feedback from experts on the development of inGOV. The participants brought forward their opinions and expertise on the topic of sustainability in the public sector, and how to make co-creation activities sustainable, and how these should be framed. We look forward to analysing the valuable input we received!

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