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CACE – Assembly Beyond Borders

In the upcoming “Assembly Beyond Borders” we will discuss and share project ideas, new developments, and research findings beyond borders at this one-day event. Keynote speakers (TBA) will share interesting findings, best-practice examples and talk about challenges.

The thematic focus is on topics prioritized by CACE's founding members:

  • Visionary ideas on the future of academic continuing education
  • Flexible curricula and individual learning paths in academic continuing education
  • The role of culture and internationalization in academic continuing education
  • Curation and quality assurance in academic continuing education
  • Ecosystem challenges and financial aspects of academic continuing education

You are heartly invited to join this event virtually!


If you are an academic or a practitioner, we invite you to submit your ideas on the topics as mentioned above until September 9, 2021.

CACE accompanies editors and authors through a collaborative publication process. The Assembly in October will only be the starting point of a journey of academic discourse and writing. Authors will present their ideas with the opportunity to initiate new working groups beyond borders. Collaborative writing projects with scholars and practitioners from various research and practice groups will be facilitated. While editors will collaboratively shape the scope of the entire book, they will also ensure that the individual chapters within the sections are aligned and provide relevant insights and information on the common theme of Academic Continuing Education.

This format aims to intensify the exchange between practitioners and scholars and form new connections, beneficial for both.

For more detailed information please consult our website via www.cacebb.com 


  • October 1 09.00 – 16.00: Event 

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Nike Pulda, MA

Mag. Karin Steiner, MA

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