• Logo Verlag ÖsterreichDas Joseph von Sonnenfels Center ist Herausgeber der „Kremser Schriften zur Rechtsökonomie“


  • Zudem unterhält das Joseph von Sonnenfels Center eine (elektronische) „Working Paper Series zu Law and Economics“

Facheinschlägige Publikationen zur Rechtsökonomik unter Mitwirkung des Joseph von Sonnenfels Centers sind:

Robert Cooter (Berkeley) and Michael Gilbert (UVA) have published Public Law and Economics.  The economic analysis of law has revolutionized legal scholarship and teaching in the last half-century, but it has focused mostly on private law, business law, and criminal law. This book extends the analysis to fundamental topics in public law, such as the separation of government powers, regulation by agencies, constitutional rights, and elections. The publisher, Oxford University Press, has made the book open access, and it can be downloaded for free here:  https://publiclawandeconomics.org

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